Youth group launch election monitoring program

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A Mathare youth group has initiated an election monitoring program to sensitize the constituents to registers as voters as well as monitor social injustices that normally arise during electioneering period.

The Uchaguzi Mathare 2013 platform, which has been initiated by Think Tank youth group; rely on social media, mapping and other interactive media to engage electorates who give their views on the happening at the grass root level.

According to the Think Tank Administrator Javin Ochieng, the group has come up with an SMS platform that helps them engage in civic education and investigative reporting in a bid to put aspiring politicians in check as the country heads to the next polls.

“Apart from monitoring elections in the region, the initiative will also help residents report incidents like fire thus providing quick solutions,” added Ochieng who has had a stint at Map Mathare, a company that engages in research activities.

Antonia Mutungi, a resident who has interacted through the channel, praised the initiative saying that politicians who have been sewing hatred amongst constituents will now be traced and face the law.

She urged the Government to support such initiatives to help in surveillance.


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